Judy's Background


Judy Mort is an experienced Midwife, Teacher & Practitioner of Shamanic Womancraft and Founder of Artemis Rising.

With a professional background in Midwifery and women’s wellness, she has spent over 28 years working with birthing women and families in Australia and UK.

Judy has recently made a transition in her career to dedicate to the work she offers through Artemis Rising.

Her passion and focus is on being “with-women” in holistic and evolutionary ways. Judy supports people who are navigating times of transition, transformation, and awakening; those who sense a deeper calling and greater purpose in their lives.  

As a teacher and practitioner of the Women’s Mysteries, Judy guides others to remember and reclaim their feminine power, and a profound connection with an embodied wisdom, which is inherent in the naturally occurring cycles of all life.

Spanning the scientific and the sacred, Judy’s life experiences and education are grounded in Feminism, Goddess-centred, Earth-based Spirituality, Womancraft and Midwifery.  

She holds expertise and understanding around women’s Rites of Passage in life-from conception, pregnancy and birth, menarche, menstrual awareness, perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

Through Artemis Rising Judy offers a range of women’s circles, workshops, bespoke One-to-One Sessions, Woman-Centred mentoring programs, Rituals, and events.

Respectfully living on Birpai Country-NSW Australia.


I have had many extraordinary teachers in my life, for which I am grateful. Each women I sit in Cirlce with; the many women and babies I have been Midwife for, have all taught and informed me in many ways.  I want to specifically recognise Kathy Jones from Glastonbury-Avalon, who parted the veil and opened the way for me on my Priestess Path, so many years ago.  

I also want to recognise and acknowledge Jane Hardwicke Collings, founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft; teacher, friend and wise woman whose visionary work has changed the lives of so many people.

Goddess Artemis

My mother-given name is Judy Diana. She gave me the name of a Goddess, whose energy resonates fully within me. Artemis Diana. A Goddess connected with the Moon, all nature and the hunt, Artemis is midwife and protectress of women and birth. Artemis dwells in forests and wild places with her circle of women, the sisterhood. Athletic and strong; feminist and activist; with her bow and arrow her aim is sure and true. In her maiden aspect he forms the Triple Face of the Moon Goddess; Artemis, Selene, Hecate. Maiden, Mother, Crone. Artemis connects us with the waxing and waning cylces of all life.

A woman of Goddess, I delight in the continued unfolding of a synchronous, magical and meaningful life. 

About Artemis Rising

Feminine Wisdom for Soulful Women


Through Artemis Rising Judy shares workshops, courses, gatherings and mentoring. Through participating in these experiences women learn, remember, reclaim and reconnect with their most authentic, healed and sovereign selves.

The work offered through Artemis Rising is soulful, empowering and transformational. In joining these events women embark on their individual sacred journey made richer through sharing it with others.

You can find out more in the Work with Judy section.

The women who come to work with Judy via Artemis Rising are from all backgrounds, all walks of life and are at varying stages on their journey of personal growth. Usually, the thing they share in common is that they are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and with other like-minded women. They may recognise their own soulful nature and seek a deeper understanding of the divine feminine and how they express their connection with the Earth, place of belonging, and the sacred. Judy works with women looking for clarity, insight and guidance in personal development and growth.

Judy brings the wisdom and experience of many years of spiritual, personal and professional education and enquiry to all that she offers through Artemis Rising. She holds workshops and courses in her community and online. Judy is available to travel and teach nationally and internationally.

Work with Judy

Judy offers a range of courses, workshops, Women's Circles, Retreats, personalised Bespoke one-to-one or small group sessions, and Pregnancy and Birth Keeping services.

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"I came to Judy's workshop having been invited by a friend and had no idea what to expect. I came home a different person...I feel more connected to greater forces and confident in how that can help me better my life and how I live"

- Zoe

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